Thursday Doors: Confolens

After four weeks of the doors of St Junien, I suspect we’re all ready for a bit of a change of scenery so today the caravan has packed up and moved on to the town of Confolens, in the neighbouring Charente département. Like St Junien, Confolens has a modern shell around a medieval core, and it’s also on a river, in this case the Vienne, but overall – at least in my opinion – it’s a lot more scenic.

There’s plenty to look at, especially in the older part, so I might as well crack on with this first instalment, beginning with some characteristic sixteenth-century exteriors (in the UK, we’d call this ‘Tudor’).



Maintaining the careworn theme:



Although so as not to give the impression that the whole place is just falling to bits, here are a couple of more dignified – and blue – examples:



More from Confolens next week: perhaps some doors that have found themselves a good home.

Thursday Doors 2 March 2017

11 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Confolens

  1. Love the rough exterior of the walls! And thank you for showing for what building style Tudor is (always wanted to know, but none of the explanations told me what it looked like)!

  2. #28 is my favourite. It was good to mix in some newer/better maintained ones, I was beginning to think the entire place was in disrepair.

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