Thursday Doors: Confolens (2)

As promised last week, another instalment of doors from Confolens, this time featuring ones that have had at least some care and attention within living memory.

Starting with these white ones:




Bonus points for a door within a door?

This one, with the attractive ironwork, is the former residence of a local physician:


A closer look at the plaque above the door (no need for a translation) suggests that he was a good man:


This house is unoccupied, although doesn’t seem to have been for too long:


Next week, how about some gates for a change?

Thursday Doors 9 March 2017

8 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Confolens (2)

  1. Great images. Shutters around modern doors in an old building really help to make them fit in a bit better, but I love the look of the old doors best.

  2. I like these, but my very favorite is the first one. Everything, including your photo, works together to make the entire place attractive.


  3. Bonus points for a door within a door? Absolutely!
    Nicely done. I’ll look forward to the gates next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Another great set of doors, hopefully I will be over in Aquitaine visiting friends in October armed with my camera for the Basque style doors. :>)

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