Thursday Doors: Chartres (1)

After last week’s detour around redundant shopfronts, we’re back on more familiar ground with the first of a few posts featuring doors from the cathedral city of Chartres. Next week I’ll focus on the cathedral itself, but for now, to maintain some sort of continuity with last week’s post, let’s start with a couple of commercial premises that are obviously still going concerns:

Shutters count, don’t they?

A couple of old doors from the same residential street in the old part of the town:

And this one is obviously a replacement of the original:

Finally for this week, the premises of an Appart’Hotel (for self-catering holidays):

Thursday Doors 6 April 2017

5 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Chartres (1)

  1. I like this gallery a lot. I think the replacement door was probably a necessity and I like that way #80 has that little pot of flowers up so high. Must be difficult to water! As far as the beer school goes, I’d be more inclined to attend beer school in Germany and a wine school in France. It’s probably a bar, but just saying. 🙂


  2. It’s funny; there’s a bistro in the neighbourhood where we used to live in the city call “L’estaminet” too, though I have to say that the facade of yours is much nicer.
    Another wonderful collection yet again. You are pretty much living in door heaven you know 😉

    • I’ve seen a few places around the country called L’Estaminet. I think it’s the word for a small coffee (French equivalent of an espresso). There’s no doubt that we’re well served for doors round here.

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