Thursday Doors: Chartres – Down to earth

After last week’s exploration of the cathedral, we’re back to secular Chartres for the next instalment. However, to ease us back in to less spiritual matters here are a couple of images of doors from the immediate environs of the Cathedral.

These doors are in the gardens immediately surrounding the cathedral itself. I suspect it’s where they keep the lawnmower.

This building houses one of the administrative offices of the cathedral:

And, inevitably, there’s the souvenir shop…

Speaking of shops:

One practical problem for the door-hunter in Chartres is that the street are narrow, even before taking into account the cars that are parked all along them, so it’s not always possible to get a ‘head-on’ view…

…although we do our best.

Thursday Doors 20 April 2017

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Chartres – Down to earth

  1. These are lovely.
    Parked cars, narrow streets, and too much or too little light; the bane of door hunters everywhere 🙂

  2. Great selection of doors. Chartres is one of my favourite cities in France, a great stopping off point on the way back to Calais and the ferry.

    • Thank you. We also use Chartres as a halfway point between home and the ferry, although for the sake of variety we mix it up with Le Mans and Alençon. Depends where you’re coming from, really.

  3. I always enjoy your selections. Except for the shop door, they remind me of older women who retain their beauty even though it’s no longer that of youth.


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