Thursday Doors: Confolens – After The Fall (1)

Those dear readers with long memories and the merest flicker of interest might recall that in February this year I took the concept of suffering for my art rather too seriously and had quite a bad fall in the nearby town of Confolens while on the lookout for new (old) doors to offer for your weekly delectation.

Naturally the injuries I suffered on that occasion brought a rapid halt to my photographic activities – apart from a couple of R-rated selfies. However, while we may have been daunted we were not defeated, so we returned to the scene a few weeks later to finish what we’d started.

Hopefully, you’ll be glad I did, because I think there were some pretty good doors on my second pass.

As a special opening offer, how about three doors for the price of one?

Or a couple of twin sets – one rather better cared-for than the other:

All of today’s doors are to be found on the steep, winding road that leads up to the medieval citadel of the old town:

And finally, for this week, an old door that’s been re-purposed:

Thursday Doors 30 November 2017

6 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Confolens – After The Fall (1)

  1. Thanks for the dynamic duos, the only ones, and for not sharing any X-rated selfies!! (Although you have me wondering about those.) 🙂 That last door makes me think of “The Cask of Amontillado”, as it appears someone is covering the door.


  2. You know that I am in constant awe of the beauties you find. I’m glad you were able to make it back to the scene of the crime, as it were, in order to finish the job 😀
    That last one is so bizarre though – I have never seen anything like it.

  3. It was well worth returning for those doors, they’re fantastic. Like Norm, I’m fascinated by that last door, it looks like someone turned it into a window of sorts.

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  5. I’d missed this series when it was new and have enjoyed catching up on some characterful doors.

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