Thursday Doors: Confolens After The Fall (3)

More doors from my second bite at the door-seekers’ cherry that is the town of Confolens.

To begin with, here are a couple of doors that have clearly been restored at some point in the not too distant past:

And, by way of contrast, this is what can happen when nobody cares:

I liked the symmetry of this particular offering:

Sometimes even relatively modern doors can display an austere kind of dignity:

Finally, just for a change, a residential door, again with the attractive symmetry:

Next week, as it’s the last Thursday Doors before a break for ‘les Fêtes’, I thought I might do a post of my ‘Doors Of The Year’.

When class resumes in January we’ll be back in Confolens (there really are a lot of interesting doors in Confolens), but for the first time venturing across the bridge to the other side of the river that divides the town.

Thursday Doors 14 December 2017

5 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Confolens After The Fall (3)

  1. I love those first two doors. Someone did an excellent job on the restorations. I also really like the fourth shot, the symmetrical doors, doors and windows within doors. Happy Thursday.


  2. Some real beauties once again – that last one stands out, especially the red.
    I like the idea of a year-end review or best-of. I’m not sure yet, but I may just do something like that myself.

  3. Feels like I was just here yesterday! The first one is my favorite, but maybe they should do something about that hole (birds, mice, etc.)….

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