Thursday Doors: Bordeaux (3)

This week, a final selection of doors from Bordeaux. After a surfeit of blue doors in Week 1, I managed to avoid that colour completely last week, but there’s just too many (both absolutely and proportionately) to abstain for a third week, so here are some more (open) blue doors:

I promise that this is absolutely the last blue door in this selection:

See, here’s a green(ish) one:

And this one is nowhere near blue:

Some might argue, not without justification, that this isn’t even a door. It’s certainly an entrance though: to a car park. There are doors: it’s just that you can’t see them.

Thursday Doors 25 January 2018

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Bordeaux (3)

  1. That car-park tunnel seems very narrow. I feel claustrophobic just looking at that shot. The other doors are gorgeous, as usual. It seems they incorporate more ironwork into their doors here. I like it.
    Nicely done 🙂

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