Vendange Time

The vendange (vintage) is the annual wine harvest, when the grapes are picked from the vines. It’s usually done around late September or early October, the exact time depending on meteorological vagaries.

The 2021 vintage is probably going to be a shocker because of the awful weather we’ve had this year. However, this image, from a chateau in the Bordeaux region, harks back to a more promising time.

CMMC 8 September 2021: Dark Green

Harvest Time

Time to harvest these merlot grapes to make the new vintage of Bordeaux.

CMMC 21 July 2021

Monday Window – Chateau Carbonnieux

Chateau Carbonnieux is in the Graves area of the Bordeaux wine-growing region.

#MondayWindow 20 April 2020

Thursday Doors: Bordeaux (3)

This week, a final selection of doors from Bordeaux. After a surfeit of blue doors in Week 1, I managed to avoid that colour completely last week, but there’s just too many (both absolutely and proportionately) to abstain for a third week, so here are some more (open) blue doors:

I promise that this is absolutely the last blue door in this selection:

See, here’s a green(ish) one:

And this one is nowhere near blue:

Some might argue, not without justification, that this isn’t even a door. It’s certainly an entrance though: to a car park. There are doors: it’s just that you can’t see them.

Thursday Doors 25 January 2018

Thursday Doors: Bordeaux (2)

More doors from the Quai Louis XVIII in Bordeaux – and this week not a blue one to be seen.

Although green is quite popular too:

This restaurant was a little bit different, but still had the typical arch over the door, nicely echoed in the window:

Rather tattier, but conforming to the general pattern:

But this one is a bit of a mould-breaker:

As is this discreet example:

But here is this week’s favourite:

Thursday Doors 18 January 2018

Thursday Doors: Bordeaux (1)

Although I promised even more doors from Confolens after the Christmas & New Year break, just for a change over the next couple of weeks I’m going to put up some doors I saw in the city of Bordeaux just before the holiday season.

We went on a coach trip to the Christmas Market there and, having a couple of hours before we set off on the return journey, we took a promenade along the Quai Louis XVIII, which runs along the Gironde river and is lined with impressive buildings.

Even if some of the doors don’t quite match the grandeur of their surroundings, that doesn’t make them uninteresting (quite the opposite, I’d say). There is, however, a preponderance of blue, certainly in this selection.

[All these images were captured with my old iPhone, so may not be up to usual standards]



…not so much:

Even the gates are blue:

And so  it goes on…

Finally, some flashes of red for contrast:

Thursday Doors 11 January 2018

Under pressure

As part of the wine-making process, in Bordeaux as elsewhere, the young wine has to be drawn out of the big stainless steel tanks into smaller containers under the force of gravity. Given how large the tanks are, it’s not surprising that it comes out at high pressure. That’s what you call letting it breathe.

And if you zoom in closely enough, it becomes almost abstract:


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Liquid


This week we focus on images that, with a healthy disregard for the rule of thirds, are intended to be placed in the middle of the frame: to be literally the centre of attention.

This image was taken looking down a corridor in the cellars of a wine-producing chateau in the Bordeaux region:


Flowers are a very obvious ‘centre-friendly’ subject – particularly when photographing buds, before the petals start to compete for space in the frame:

Also, of course, anything circular has an obvious central focus, be it wheels or even fireworks:

And finally this is just one of my most favourite images: it was taken looking directly upwards to the ceiling of the reception area of the Sir Bani Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Those lanterns are between six and eight feet high when you see them sideways on from the second floor.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Centred

Bottle Bank

A bit of a stretch maybe, but there is definitely liquid in these bottles: wine from the St. Emilion area of Bordeaux.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Wine, from start to finish

In vino veritas

A recent day’s wine-tasting around Bordeaux provided an opportunity to see the whole process of wine-making, from beginning to end.