Thursday Doors: Confolens – Finale (1)

Just as I was getting worried that my supply of doors was nearing exhaustion (and then what will I do on Thursdays?), I came across some overlooked doors from – you guessed it – Confolens. Enough for this week and next, by when I hope to have topped up my supplies from other locations.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the bottom of this particular barrel, all of which were taken at the town’s highest point, within the medieval fortifications, from where you can look over the whole metropolis.


The next two examples are set into the old walls:

While this is in a restored building just inside the main gate:

Finally, a couple of splendidly tatty doors of considerable age:

Thursday Doors 22 February 2018

6 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Confolens – Finale (1)

  1. LOVE the perspective you give of the house (from a higher rooftop or tower?) in your first image! Intriguing! With that said, all your doors here give that weathered look – beautiful!

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