Thursday Doors: Return to Cahors (2)

This week, another selection of images from my recent doorscursion to the town of Cahors. Last week I mentioned that a notable feature was the elaborate carving to be seen on many doors, including this notable example.

Cahors has an impressive cathedral, with the comparatively unusual feature of two domes. It’s arguably more impressive inside than out, but it does have some well maintained doors:

Another feature of the doors of Cahors is that it is quite common to find an ancient door in the middle of a row of more modern frontages, as in the first image and also, more clearly,here:

Finally, another example of the juxtaposition of old and new(er):

Thursday Doors 15 March 2018

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Return to Cahors (2)

  1. They’re all lovely of course but you sure got my attention with that first one. So much ornate detail in that carving work! Truly exceptional.

  2. Wow. A lot of skill and effort went into creating that intricately carved first door! Door #2’s maker did a fine job as well.

  3. I always enjoy coming to see what you’ve found that reminds me of where I’ve visited in France. That first door is awesome, but I also like the older door bookended by the newer ones.


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