Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (2)

Back to the town of Cahors yet again, for more doors from the medieval quarter, starting this week with a particularly shabby one:

Time to inject a little colour:

And some rather better cared-for examples. This one eases the transition from blues…

…to greens:

But there’s no getting away from the fact that brown is the prevailing colour:

Next week another selection from Cahors, then, by way of diversion, somewhere as yet unseen…

Thursday Doors 19 April 2018

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (2)

  1. The brown goes well with the stone buildings, but I love the touches of blue and green to liven things up. I’ve seen so many doors like that first one in France, but somehow they manage to look interesting and just right, I guess because of the age of everything around them.


  2. A great many doors, but the first one peeked my interest even more, because of the combination of stone and wood – my favorite. A paint job would make it look greatly “younger:)” And I see that next to it there used to be a door – always sad to me. Great finds!

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