Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (3)

The gift that keeps on giving…

Another selection of the myriad doors of the town of Cahors. I ended last week with the observation that the predominant colour of the doors was – not really surprisingly – brown. Like these:

Bored yet? How about a bit of white relief, as it were:

Or even some anarchic blue:

And finally something quite different. This shop-front – a former boulangerie – is quite readable:

There are still a fair few doors to come from Cahors (and I’m saving some of the best ’til last), but for the next couple of weeks we’ll be in the city of Poitiers.

Thursday Doors 26 April 2018

3 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors (3)

  1. Love the first one for the beauty of the door and the second one for having three doors in one shot. Great collection πŸ™‚

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