Thursday Doors: Poitiers (1)

The city of Poitiers is just over an hour’s drive north of here and is the administrative centre of the Vienne département. It is an old place – the English army defeated the French here in 1314 (having passed within just a few miles of Tranquility Base on their way up from Bordeaux).

This may explain why there isn’t a huge amount of the original town left. However, there are plenty of solid and worthy 19th century bâtiments in the centre – with, of course, their matching solid and worthy doors.

Such as these:

These two doors are neighbours:

Not all these examples are quite so grand:

And, to finish, a pair:

More from Poitiers next week.

Thursday Doors 3 May 2018

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Poitiers (1)

  1. We must be related because I can always relate to your beautiful doors! My favorite is the brown door with the not quite good fit of the bluish looking shutter door!

  2. The first few are so beautiful, especially the dark blue. Even the not-so-grand ones are just missing some TLC.

  3. I always enjoy getting my fix of French doors from you. I’m hoping to get back this summer, but this will do for now.


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