Thursday Doors: Poitiers (2)

This week, a second (and final – for now, at any rate) instalment of doors from the city of Poitiers.

I didn’t realise until I was putting this post together that all these images contain decorative ironwork of some description. There: a theme.

This first one is all about the ironwork:

And it features quite prominently here too:

Less obvious in these examples but still there if you care to look:

This door has been cut down to size at some point:

Finally, as blue doors always seem to be popular here:

Thursday Doors 10 May 2018

Thursday Doors: Poitiers (1)

The city of Poitiers is just over an hour’s drive north of here and is the administrative centre of the Vienne département. It is an old place – the English army defeated the French here in 1314 (having passed within just a few miles of Tranquility Base on their way up from Bordeaux).

This may explain why there isn’t a huge amount of the original town left. However, there are plenty of solid and worthy 19th century bâtiments in the centre – with, of course, their matching solid and worthy doors.

Such as these:

These two doors are neighbours:

Not all these examples are quite so grand:

And, to finish, a pair:

More from Poitiers next week.

Thursday Doors 3 May 2018