52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 51 Food

The penultimate week of the Smartphone Challenge has the topic of ‘food’.

There’s a (relatively) new boulangerie/patisserie in the village. The baguettes are great, as are the quiches, and last week I tried, for the first time, their Rhum Baba – with overtones of Black Forest Gateau.

It was amazing – even better than it looked. Shouldn’t be allowed.

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge: 51 Food

52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 23 Leading Lines

Week 23 of the Smartphone Challeneg is, frankly, a bit of an odd one. We are invited to use strong leading lines in food photography.


Now, as I do not use Instagram (where I believe it’s compulsory), I’m not in the habit of posting photographs of every scrap of food I consume, I just had to come up with something.

So here’s a picture of a swede (‘rutabaga‘ en fran├žais) on our kitchen table.


Tuesday Photo Challenge: Slippery

A particularly interesting theme from Frank for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: ‘slippery’.

This scallop was on a display in the fishmarket near the Rialto Bridge in Venice. The contrast between the slippery flesh and the characteristically patterned scallop shells adds interest.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Slippery

Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation

With its half-closed eyes and its nose working overtime, this giraffe in the game rerserve on Sir Baniyas Island in Abu Dhabi appears to be looking forward to its next meal with great anticipation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 2 – Food

This year we are inundated with blackberries and there are plenty more to come. These may not be quite at the ‘food’ stage yet, but they soon will be:

Food Wk2

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 2 – Food

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

Nothing comes between a boy and his pain au chocolat:

One Love

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

Feeding Time

Never having been one for sharing pictures of my dinner with the world (what exactly is Instagram anyway?), Cee’s chosen subject for this week of ‘Food’ had me stumped initially, notwithstanding that over on my other blog I had recently posted a picture of my take on a deconstructed curry.

But then it occurred to me that it didn’t have to be food for humans, so here’s a close-up of a giraffe grazing on whatever it is that giraffes eat.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Food