Subliminal Advertising

After last week’s call for vibrant colours, Cee is looking for pastels this time.

This is a very large – and circular – electronic display screen which can be found in Dubai Mall. The colours can and do vary considerably, but I managed to capture this image when it was in a more restful mood.

Cee’s Fun ‘Foto’ Challenge: Pastels

Thursday Doors: Rancon – Ancient & Modern

The village of Rancon, about a thirty minute drive from here at Tranquility Base, is in all honesty pretty unremarkable, although it does hold a medieval fĂȘte in June every year which is worth a quick look.

But, to be fair, it does have a few interesting doors, both ancient and modern:

Rancon ancient

including this particularly decrepit example;

Rancon ancient-2

while this neglected door is somewhere on the cusp between old and new:

Rancon ancient-3

Rancon’s modern doors are in rather better condition, such as this interesting and quite unusual (certainly for around these parts) offering:

Rancon modern

One thing that isn’t unusual around here is the closed-down shop. I was particularly struck by this composition in pastels:

Rancon modern-2

while this pair of garden gates suggests that there may be a bit of neighbourly one-upmanship going on:

Rancon modern-3

Thursday Doors 30 June 2016