52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 21 Serenity

“What does serenity mean to you?’ is the question posed for the 21st instalment of the 52 Week Smartphone Challenge.

I always find this view very tranquil and calming (not that I often need to calm down). It’s what I see when I look over the wall of our back garden. The two fields were bought with the house, so for a few brief minutes I am master of all I survey.

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge: 21 Serenity


Calm, peaceful and untroubled? Oh yes.

This photograph was taken at the resort hotel on Sir Bani Yas in Abu Dhabi. We were just about the only guests there (it hadn’t been open for very long), which just added to the tranquility.

I particularly like the additional elements of serenity in the foreground: the infinity pool, what could almost be a Zen garden, the reflection and the curves.


Posted in response to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity.