Thursday Doors: Confolens gates

To leaven the weekly diet of doors, here are a few of the interesting gates that the Charente town of Confolens has to offer, in ascending order of impressiveness.

A symphony in green:


My personal favourite – a study in symmetry:


This grand looking edifice is just behind the church:


And here are the gates of the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall). It was just after taking this photograph that my doorscursion was cut short by an unexpected collision with the pavement outside the Market Hall, in the same square.


Thursday Doors 16 March 2017

8 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Confolens gates

  1. All beautiful doors! I hope you are healing well! Hugs from Canada!

  2. Ouch!! People will even risk their health and lives for photos of doors for Thursday Doors! 😦 Glad your camera was intact or you would have felt even worse. I enjoyed the gates and hope you’re healing quickly.


  3. Some of the doors beyond the gates are beautiful too.
    As for your incident: ouch indeed. I sometimes get so absorbed in the shots I’m taking that I know this will eventually happen to me as well.
    In the meantime I do hope you’re healing nicely.
    Needless to say next time: watch your step 😉

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