Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors

After our little diversion to Rancon over the past two weeks, it’s time to dip back into the cornucopia of interesting doors from Cahors.

Last time we featured some of the doors from the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, one of two principal landmarks of the town. The other is the Pont Valentré:

There must be literally hundreds of doors in the narrow streets of the medieval quarter, although they aren’t all original or neglected:

Finally for this week, and just for a change, how about an artfully rusted gate?

Thursday Doors 12 April 2018

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Encore Cahors

  1. Gorgeous doors. No 49 takes my fancy and I’m wondering how anyone gets up that staircase in your first shot! I suspect I would be crawling up it…

  2. Wow, I’m discovering how much I love this place and wondering if I can make it part of my itinerary if I ever get over to France.
    That first shot looking up the stairs is vertigo-inducing especially with the lack of handrail on the left. Definitely would not comply with today’s building codes 😉
    Excellent post!

  3. There really is something about an artfully rusting gate that’s attractive, but then everything you showed is. That set of stairs, though, would take some serious work while hugging the wall. 🙂


  4. All beautiful doors and gate! The red one stands out to me because the door is fitted to the brick work – unusual!

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