Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Ah, the jet-ski: the noisy scourge of the Abu Dhabi beach. At least this one had the good grace to be a red foreground object.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Fractal Romanesco

Quite some time ago, before I even set up this separate photography site, I produced a post containing some close-up images of a romanesco.

For the uninitiated, romanesco is a – rather tasty – cross between broccoli and cauliflower, with a very distinctive appearance that reminds me of a fractal. And since there is such a thing as fractal geometry, here is another image that qualifies for this week’s challenge.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

When visiting Petra, go early, not just to miss the crowds but for the quality of the light.

This is a view of the ‘Siq’ – the long narrow gorge that eventually opens out to the dramatic and famous view of the Treasury. It was early, but as you can see, we weren’t the first.

Early Bird

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird


This is what passes for a licence plate around here, stencilled onto the back of the seat of an ancient and well-used tractor that belongs to the local commune.


In response to the latest of Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenges.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Ducks afloat on the River Vienne at Confolens


Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat.


A silverback gorilla at Vallée des Singes, Vienne (not a selfie).


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

This image was taken as part of an assignment on a ‘Beginners’ photography course I took in Abu Dhabi. The technique involves mounting a camera with a zoom lens on a tripod, setting a long exposure and then rotating the zoom while taking the picture. Obviously it works best at night, as here, and it does provide some vey arresting, Matrix-like images.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur