These exceptionally – almost surreally – long reeds can be found on the bed of the River Indre as it flows through the town of Loches in central France.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Reed, read, red

Shop sign, Loches

This elaborate wrought-iron shop sign in the town of Loches is quite distinctive.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 14 April 2020

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

These reeds contrast with and at the same time emphasise the smooth flow of the River Indre as it flows through the town of Loches in central France.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 25 – Textures

Textures of wood, stone and metal on this disused well-head in the medieval centre of the town of Loches.


52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 52 – Textures

The Story Behind A Door: What’s with the feathers?

Thanks to the Thursday Doors weekly challenge hosted by Norm, I’m always on the lookout for the unusual when it comes to those moving structures that allow or bar access or egress to an enclosed space (don’t you just love Wikipedia?). This one seems to be particularly suitable for the latest WordPress Discover challenge.

At first glance, this doorway in Loches is nice enough, without being anything out of the ordinary…


…but who stuck all these pigeon feathers in the doorframe? And, more to the point, why? Who knows the story behind this particular door?


Discover Challenges – Door

Thursday Doors: Loches

The town of Loches, in central France (not far from Chédigny) was, in medieval times, the seat of the kings of France and there are many interesting – some long-neglected – doors in and around the old citadel that dominates the moderrn townscape.


At the base of the citadel is this door, that obviously hasn’t been used in a very long time:


And nor has this one, which comes from a time when disabled access was not something anyone thought about:


For sumptuousness of decor, though, the main door of the Collégiale church is impressive:


Thursday Doors 9 June 2016