Tuesdays of Texture: Rust

These rusting chains and hoops hang over the disused well in the centre of the nearby village of Bonnefont. At a guess, the hoops once held together wooden buckets, which were lowered on the chains to collect water.


Tuesdays of Texture Week 42

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

This motley collection of rusty washers and other miscellaneous bits and pieces (presumably spares) was seen at a vide grenier (car boot sale) in the village of Lesterps. Who buys this stuff?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 11 – Rust

My first time participating in Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge and it’s on the subject of rust.

Oradour-sur-Glane was the scene of a massacre of over 600 French civilians in June 1944, and ever since the village has been left as it was, as a memorial and open-air museum. Inevitably, there’s a lot of rust about, including this car and petrol pump.

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge