Abstract Tapestry

This abstract tapestry hangs in the Museum of Tapestry in the town of Aubusson. Predominantly black and white(ish), it’s leavened by a few splashes of colour.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colour v Black & White

Monday Window – Aubusson

I spotted this charming little window, with its photogenic freshly-painted shutters, in the town of Aubusson.

#MondayWindow 16 December 2019

Tapestry close-up

Cee’s Black & White challenge this week is ‘Close-up’. That ‘s usually a cue for a tight shot of a flower, or maybe a creepy-crawly of some description. However, close-up doesn’t necessarily mean macro, just something that shows more detail than a standard image.

So this is not a macro photograph, but rather a detail from a tapestry in the Cité International de la Tapisserie museum in Aubusson. The monochrome treatment highlights the painstaking intricacy of the handwork that went into creating the overall image.

For reference, here is the colour version:

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Close-up

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Forces

This week, Frank at Dutch Goes The Photo! wants to see an image that shows ‘forces’.

Well, there are certainly powerful forces at work in this detail from a truly remarkable wall-hanging that can be found in the Cité International de la Tapisserie, in Aubusson.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Forces

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Shape

I was intrigued by the unusual shapes of this piece of sculpture that I saw, rather improbably, in the Tapestry Museum in Aubusson.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Shape

Thursday Doors: Aubusson (2)

This week, a final selection of doors from the old part of the town of Aubusson, beginning with what seems to be a particularly ancient specimen:

Blue appears to have been a consistently popular colour over time:

But natural brown will always be the predominant colour for old doors – even if the shutters are blue:

Thursday Doors 5 October 2017

Thursday Doors: Aubusson (1)

The town of Aubusson, in the southern part of the Limousin region of France, is best known for its UNESCO-recognised tradition of tapestry making.  The old centre of the town is relatively small, although some of the remaining buildings date back to the Middle Ages. Fortuitously, this provided enough interesting doors  for a couple of posts.

(NB All these images were photographed with an iPhone – I was there mainly for the tapestries.)

This one is just next to the Tourist Information Office…

…and this oine is just opposite:

This next couple aren’t among the oldest, but obviously have a long history of neglect:

Like many – if not all – French towns, what was once a thriving commercial centre has many empty retail premises, including this unusual double-entry vestibule, which now appears to operate as an al fresco ashtray (among other things):

Thursday Doors 28 September 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

This essentially unexciting window in the centre of the town of Aubusson comes to life thanks to its freshly-painted, vibrant red shutters.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows