Blast from the past

This week’s topic for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is signs, and more specifically store signs. So what could be more appropriate than this example, which still hangs  outside what used to be called the ‘Phot-Office’ (geddit?) in Montrol-Sénard.

If nothing else, it should remind us all to be grateful for the invention of digital cameras.

Shop sign

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

This supermarket in Dubai probably ought to get a new advertising copywriter…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

Taking customer service to a whole new level

This sign could equally well have been posted for the Oddball challenge, but since it was in black and white anyway, I though I’d use it for this week’s Black & White Photo Challenge. It’s outside a carpet shop close to where my parents live in the UK.

I say ‘pavement’, you say ‘sidewalk’.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

We’ve all seen signs like this (from the door of a church in Venice). But who knew that those early Nokia mobile phones could shoot video?