Tuesdays of Texture: Boulangerie

This shop sign provides an attractive juxtaposition of textures with the wall on which it is set, above a boulangerie (bakery) in the town of St Junien.

To put it into context, here is the street view:

Tuesdays of Texture 25 April 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

‘Security’ is generally a serious subject, so all the more reason to allow a little levity sometimes when dealing with it.

This sign can be found outside a chandlery (and key-cutting) shop in the town of St-Junien, in the Haute-Vienne département of France.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

M Guillaumont, the lawyer of Thiers (a large town in the Auvergne region of France), certainly wanted to make sure that his clients knew exactly where to find his chambers:

“in the small courtyard, on the first floor up the spiral staircase”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

Mundane: But Who Will Frame The Framers?

The’Mundane Mondays’ Challenge asks us either to find a kind of beauty in, or find a beautiful frame for, the commonplace. This one might be a bit off-piste, as it were, but for a challenge where framing is important I couldn’t resist this sign, outside a picture-framer’s workshop (‘encadrerie’) in the village of Gargilesse, in central France.


Mundane Mondays

All you need to know

Nothing much to add in explanation of this image of our local village’s electronic information sign. Except perhaps that those clouds really were as dark and threatening as they look: about five minutes later we had a brief but heavy hailstorm.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs

Blast from the past

This week’s topic for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is signs, and more specifically store signs. So what could be more appropriate than this example, which still hangs  outside what used to be called the ‘Phot-Office’ (geddit?) in Montrol-Sénard.

If nothing else, it should remind us all to be grateful for the invention of digital cameras.

Shop sign

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

This supermarket in Dubai probably ought to get a new advertising copywriter…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops