Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

The Sheikh Zayed (Grand) Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a strong competitor for one of the modern wonders of the world. There are many photographs from there that I could have included for this challenge, but I finally chose these three pictures of one of the many huge chandeliers in the main prayer room.

Rural Reflections

Two photographs taken close to Tranquility Base. Yvette’s barn is actually in the hamlet, while Chez Fiaud is a couple of kilometers away, on one of our local walks.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

This photograph was part of a ‘homework’ assignment on a weekend Photography course I took a few years ago. The decanter’s multi-faceted stopper threw up endless possibilities.

The Demon Drink

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

A palm tree reflected in the blue plate glass windows of the Bainunah Hilton on Abu Dhabi’s Corniche.

The double bluff is that the palm tree is actually a mobile phone mast.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Three photographs with a recurring theme, taken at the Vallee des Singes, in the Vienne departement.

The one of the Capucins has already been featured, with others, in another post over on my other blog.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

A stained glass window in the church at Montrol-Senard.

Stained glass

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Snowdrops traditionally mark the arrival of spring: