Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 21 – Fresh

It probably doesn’t get much fresher than this colourful display of salad leaves at the Rialto Market in Venice:


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Thursday Doors: Venice (again)

Back to Venice again for this week’s contribution – although this time an ancient door, much in need of some TLC, on one of the small waterways that lie behind the Grand Canal (and are at least as interesting).


Thursday Doors 11 February 2016

Before & After: Cathedral of San Marco, Venice

Sometimes you can’t get exactly the shot you want and need to rely on post-processing to realise your original idea.



This was taken in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice and is of the side of the Cathedral. It’s always crowded there, so for every kind of reason it makes no sense to be packing a long zoom lens. I was interested in the detail of the recess in the centre of the image, but this was the closest that my 24-70mm zoom lens could get.



The first actions to take were to straighten the image and crop out all distractions – notably the scaffolding. It also allowed for an aesthetically attractive symmetry in the final image.

As can be seen from the shadows in the original image, the sun was shining very brightly and it was close to noon, so the whole image looks ‘bleached’. Fiddling with the overall exposure didn’t produce any helpful results, but taking down the Highlights, Shadows and Whites sliders brought out a lot more subtle detail in the stonework and also had some positive impact on the colours.

However, I resorted to the individual colour adjustments to reach this final version. I boosted the Saturation of the three principal colours – orange, yellow and blue – but by trial and error I found that a greater impact was made by adjusting the Luminance – increasing orange and yellow, reducing blue.

ABFriday 22 January 2016

Thursday Doors: Venice

Continuing last week’s theme of decrepit blue doors, this battered-looking specimen is to be found on the island of Burano in the Venetian lagoon.


And here are a couple more from Venice that I’ve used in previous posts:

Thursday Doors: 7th January 2016

Rule of Thirds (1)

All these images place the subject in either the left or right one-third of the image and, I think, are more effective than they would be if they were simply centred. Roll over each image for further explanation.

Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

This glassblower on Murano knows that molten glass needs to be handled carefully, for aesthetic as well as safety reasons.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Detail from a weatherbeaten wooden door on the waterfront on the island of Burano, in the Venetian lagoon.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Bridge of Sighs

Quite possibly the world’s most expensive form of public transport(ation), gondolas pass beneath the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Public Transportation

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Here is an image you could describe as creepy. Or maybe just plain weird. Taken through a shop doorway in Venice last year.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Detail from a display of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Rialto market in Venice.


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