The staircase

While visiting the restored medieval abbey of Noirlac last year, I was struck by this almost abstract composition of a curving staircase and austere stone walls. Another homage to M C Escher and suitable for Cee’s Black & White subject of ‘Walls’ this week.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Walls

Thursday Doors: Confolens – After The Fall (2)

Another group of images from my PTSD (post-traumatic seeking doors) visit to the town of Confolens.

We finished last week with a half closed-up door, so here’s what it might look like when the process is complete:

There is a whole street of medieval houses down in the town centre that the local authorities are anxious to preserve…

…although some individuals do their bit for the doors in their possession:

Some with more enthusiasm than others:

Thursday Doors 7 December 2017

Thursday Doors: Confolens – After The Fall (1)

Those dear readers with long memories and the merest flicker of interest might recall that in February this year I took the concept of suffering for my art rather too seriously and had quite a bad fall in the nearby town of Confolens while on the lookout for new (old) doors to offer for your weekly delectation.

Naturally the injuries I suffered on that occasion brought a rapid halt to my photographic activities – apart from a couple of R-rated selfies. However, while we may have been daunted we were not defeated, so we returned to the scene a few weeks later to finish what we’d started.

Hopefully, you’ll be glad I did, because I think there were some pretty good doors on my second pass.

As a special opening offer, how about three doors for the price of one?

Or a couple of twin sets – one rather better cared-for than the other:

All of today’s doors are to be found on the steep, winding road that leads up to the medieval citadel of the old town:

And finally, for this week, an old door that’s been re-purposed:

Thursday Doors 30 November 2017

Saint Cirq Lapopie (2)

This week, more doors from the lovely medieval village of Saint Cirq Lapopie, in the Lot region of southern France.

If it’s a village, it must have a church:

Another two-door image:

Arches are a common architectural theme…

…although not universal:

Finally, I had to include this one, for obvious reasons:

Thursday Doors 2 November 2017

Thursday Doors: Cahors (2)

More doors from Cahors, he said rhymingly.

After the helter-skelter mini-train journey that featured last week, a more leisurely approach, with a cruise on the River Lot that runs through the town and beneath the striking three-towered, medieval Pont Valentré, which is worth seeing in all its glory:

Although to maintain the door theme, here’s a close-up of the middle tower:

Here’s another door halfway up a wall, taken from the mini-train:

Finally, a few more down-to-earth examples:

Thursday Doors 19 October 2017

Thursday Doors: Abbaye de La Reau (3)

A final set of doors from Abbaye de La Réau this week.

As we started last week’s instalment with an image taken from inside looking out, here’s another of the same, this time from the smithy/workshop:

This one is in the Visitor Centre:

In the grounds of the Abbey are the ruins of a round defensive tower, a refuge for the monks if some of their theological debates got a little heated:

And a couple more interesting doors from other buildings within the complex:

Thursday Doors 31 August 2017

Thursday Doors: Abbaye de La Reau (2)

This week we’re continuing our exploration of Abbaye de La Réau with some internal doors. I doubt whether any of these are absolutely original, but most of them are pretty old-looking, it has to be said.

However, to bridge the exterior/interior divide, here’s an image looking out from inside the monks’ living quarters:

A few examples of the doors leading off from this entrance space:

Rather prosaically, this is the door to the (communal) privy. Three seats (holes in a plank, to be more precise), no waiting:

And finally for this week, a door situated in the inner courtyard of the complex. Comes complete with bonus door within a door:

Thursday Doors 24 August 2017