Thursday Doors: Abbaye de La Reau (3)

A final set of doors from Abbaye de La Réau this week.

As we started last week’s instalment with an image taken from inside looking out, here’s another of the same, this time from the smithy/workshop:

This one is in the Visitor Centre:

In the grounds of the Abbey are the ruins of a round defensive tower, a refuge for the monks if some of their theological debates got a little heated:

And a couple more interesting doors from other buildings within the complex:

Thursday Doors 31 August 2017

Thursday Doors: Abbaye de La Reau (2)

This week we’re continuing our exploration of Abbaye de La Réau with some internal doors. I doubt whether any of these are absolutely original, but most of them are pretty old-looking, it has to be said.

However, to bridge the exterior/interior divide, here’s an image looking out from inside the monks’ living quarters:

A few examples of the doors leading off from this entrance space:

Rather prosaically, this is the door to the (communal) privy. Three seats (holes in a plank, to be more precise), no waiting:

And finally for this week, a door situated in the inner courtyard of the complex. Comes complete with bonus door within a door:

Thursday Doors 24 August 2017


Monochrome helps to create a sense of brooding menace in this image of a medieval building in the French town of Chauvigny.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Buildings

Tuesdays of Texture: Undrinkable

I wouldn’t even try to drink the water from this ancient pump, which can be found hard up against the ramparts of the medieval centre of the nearby town of Confolens.

Tuesdays of Texture 18 April 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I was very surprised to turn around while at the annual medieval fair in the town of Rancon to see that I was being stalked by a witch. Although from her reaction I think she was rather surprised too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Thursday Doors: Confolens

After four weeks of the doors of St Junien, I suspect we’re all ready for a bit of a change of scenery so today the caravan has packed up and moved on to the town of Confolens, in the neighbouring Charente département. Like St Junien, Confolens has a modern shell around a medieval core, and it’s also on a river, in this case the Vienne, but overall – at least in my opinion – it’s a lot more scenic.

There’s plenty to look at, especially in the older part, so I might as well crack on with this first instalment, beginning with some characteristic sixteenth-century exteriors (in the UK, we’d call this ‘Tudor’).



Maintaining the careworn theme:



Although so as not to give the impression that the whole place is just falling to bits, here are a couple of more dignified – and blue – examples:



More from Confolens next week: perhaps some doors that have found themselves a good home.

Thursday Doors 2 March 2017

Mundane? Staircase

This little-used, but intriguing, stone staircase is tucked away in the narrow streeets of the medieval quarter of the town of Confolens. The composition is almost abstract and puts me in mind a little of Escher.


Mundane Monday