Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

We’ve all seen signs like this (from the door of a church in Venice). But who knew that those early Nokia mobile phones could shoot video?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

I’ve been waiting ages for an excuse to post this picture. Taken from the balcony of my apartment in Abu Dhabi during a particularly spectacular thunderstorm.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

The blue paint on this old door in the nearby village of Bonnefont, here in Haute-Vienne, has obviously endured whatever the local climate has thrown at it over many years.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

This is from a few years back. On a trip to Oman, we went out to to look for dolphins. Khaled didn’t waste the opportunity to catch his dinner.


Butterflies on Buddleia

An hour or so on a sunny afternoon, loitering with intent around the buddleia (well named as the ‘butterfly bush’) produced these images:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Not sure that these two butterflies, captured on my buddleia (“butterfly bush”) this very afternoon, had much to say to each other, but there was probably a dialogue of some sort going on.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

The dried and fraying husk of a seed-pod, photographed last December in a nearby hedgerow.