Photography 101: Water

Where there’s water, there’s a good chance of a reflection – nature’s buy-one-get-one-free.

Today, an image from my visit earlier this year to Monet’s Garden.




Photography 101: Street

Here’s a street scene I captured on my recent visit to Venice.


Photography 101: Home

Almost ten years ago, we bought a ruin – and I do mean a ruin – in rural France as a retirement home.

There was rather a lot of renovation involved, as you can see from these ‘before and after’ photographs, but it was well worth it, as I’ve written about here.

And we still call it Brokedown Palace.

Brokedown Palace

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Another picture from Dubai Mall, this time of a diver on a wall of water.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Over at my other place, I’ve written about Leonard Cohen and this challenge seemed like a good opportunity to use this image of an impending rainstorm as an alternative cover for his first album. If you’re at all familiar with his work – especially the early years – you’ll know what I mean.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Last summer my grandson was blowing bubbles in our garden…


Venice: behind the mask

Carnival Mask

Some images from a recent trip to Venice. No gondolas, no Piazza San Marco and definitely no selfies.